Why go green?


There are numerous reasons to go green, but a majority of them all trace back to supply and demand. There is a limited amount of resources for all of us to share and more and more people demanding them. To continue our standard of living and share with future generations, the only logical resources are green energy sources.


Friday Funday: Doga


There are a surplus of health benefits to practicing yoga…. Between better flexibility, heightened mental awareness and improved sleeping habits, yoga’s positive influences are endless and appear to improve all areas of our lives. Just when we thought this ancient tradition couldn’t get any better, this century welcomed a new fad: “Doga.”


The truth is, Doga is a genius idea. Just look around: Paris Hilton isn’t the only one who likes to take her dog everywhere. Named, “Doga,” this wonder is leading our country by a wicked fast storm. Not only are there books and DVDs explaining at home exercises, but now, there are actual classes to attend with your beloved pet.

According to creators, yoga for dogs is not as uncanny as it sounds. Rather, it is beneficial for their personal relaxation, healthy and flexibility. Created in 2002 by yoga instructor Suzi Tietleman, the concept of yoga with your dog derives from the idea that your dog will be happier in a relaxed in the environment. Further, it is also considered a bonding experience between owner and dog.

For more information, refer to Suzi Tietleman’s site!

[Information collected from PetMD]

[Picture via The Examiner]

Do you believe in MAGIC?

Animals which makes us LAUGH

At Clean Healthy Bowls, pets add absolute joy and unconditional love into our lives. Did you know that more than half of U.S. households own a pet and that in many surveys, people confess if  stranded on a desert island, they would pick their pets as company over anyone else? This Monday, check out the bond between random man and stranded deer….. and we dare you not to say “awhhhh.”


Why the BOWL?

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Clean Healthy Bowls are perfect! They are healthy for pets, easy to use and friendly on the pocket book! Bowls can be used separately or easily fit into may bowl types. Place food in bowl and when pet is finished eating, pick up bowl with easy to grab handles and throw into the compost of trash!

Bowls are not simply recyclable or biodegradable, but BIOCOMPOSTABLE!!! Plus they are Non Allergenic, and Gluten Free….. Keeping pets and environment as healthy as can be!